Cryptococcus gatii: At the Crossroads of Climate and Infectious Diseases

cryptococcus gatii

Climate change is hitting the headlines again! The fact that this has become one of the issues that the leading candidates in the race for the US Presidential seat are quibbling over, has further increased the airtime dedicated to this matter. I thought this would be the ideal time to reflect on a particular case study where climate and infectious diseases come together: the case of Cryptococcus gatii  infections and the role played by climate in its recent rising trend. Also, this is an opportunity to talk about an emerging fungal infection associated with climate change, and climatic patterns – attributes we usually associate with explosive outbreaks of viral illnesses! The information in this blog post reflect the findings from a not-too-old study published in the US CDC’s journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. Image Credits: US CDC via The Conversation.

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